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4 Reasons Why Companies are Taking So Long to Hire

I’ve been hearing a lot from job seekers about stalled communications following what appeared to be a successful interview (or following a series of interviews). The general consensus: the interview went really well – you may have even received an unofficial (not in writing) offer. But since that time, no one has reached out to make an offer or discuss next steps. You’re in limbo, wondering if you should continue being patient or make a move to follow up with an inquiry.

Hiring stalls are more common now than you might expect. Covid led to a lot of structural instability for many companies and some industries were obliterated. Since we began returning to work, there’s been an increased need for employees as companies work to achieve normal (or new normal) operations. But if companies are clamoring to increase their workforce, what’s with the hiccups in the hiring process?

It may feel like you’re being ghosted, but chances are there’s a lot happening behind the scenes that drag things out.

#1 A Key Hiring Decision-Maker Is Missing

Most companies have multiple people involved in their hiring process. Each person’s role is integral so when even 1 person is missing, it can cause everything to come to an abrupt halt.

Given the past year and several months, there are so many reasons behind an absence: illness, internal promotion, death/death of someone close; resigned or fired, or business trip. Regardless of the reason, their role is crucial to getting things moving again.

#2 The Process of Interviewing Candidates is Moving Slowly

Again, there are multiple reasons for this. Maybe the pool of job candidates is much larger than usual. Or there maybe there’s been a lot of rescheduling of interviews based on changing availability. Another factor could simply be a company’s interviewing process. For example,  it may be common to have candidates attend multiple interviews before making a final decision.

#3 The Job Functions and Responsibilities are Changing

Sometimes a company will initiate hiring even though the job’s responsibilities are currently under evaluation with a goal of changing the position’s scope of responsibility. This could also cause a company to extend the search timeline to ensure they find the best-fit candidate.

#4 The Company is Adjusting to Internal Shifts and Changes

This happens a lot. It’s usually due to a major reorganization like a merger or acquisition. Even though the company is moving ahead with screening job candidates, the final hiring decision may not happen until the dust settles.

While any of these reasons could be why communication has stopped, it’s important to keep actively searching in the meantime. Until you receive a firm offer in writing, keep searching.

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Kimberly Ben is a multi-credentialed Professional Resume and LinkedIn Writer and Job Search Coach. She has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career communications for multiple career industries and professions. Kimberly’s extensive education, training, and experience have resulted in a clear understanding of current hiring best practices and the most effective job search techniques, branding strategies, and insight on what it takes to gain the competitive edge and impress employers in a challenging job market.

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