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How Senior-Level Job Seekers can Use Job Boards as a Launching Pad to Job Search Success


Learn how to use job boards strategically in your job search

Job boards are typically the first place people turn to when searching for a job, from entry-level to senior and executive job seekers. It’s understandable, considering that hundreds of job boards are literally at your fingertips with just the click of a mouse or mobile device.

Last week a returning client contacted me to sign up for job search coaching. Her company is experiencing a huge reorganization and she, along with her coworkers will all being replaced by the end of the summer. As a senior-level executive, she’s been offered a generous severance package, so rather than focus on the job loss, my client has wisely chosen to view this as an opportunity.

The previous pandemic year has taken a toll and she’d been thinking about making a career change anyway for the last 2years.  She’s been with her current employer for 6 years and she admits she’d gotten comfortable, and that this career shake-up is exactly the push she needed to take action.


During our initial consultation, we discussed creating a 30-60-90 day job search plan with action steps specific to her career goals. When I mentioned utilizing job boards as part of her plan she was genuinely surprised, “Wait… I thought you were anti-job boards?”

Job Boards as Part of your Job Search Strategy, NOT Your Job Search Destination

I mean, I wouldn’t say that I’m against job boards; but I don’t advise relying on them as your only job search method. According to CareerXroads (a recruiter website), only 12% of all jobs filled are directly connected to job boards. This is why I steer my clients away from focusing too much time on them. I’m much more in favor of using a multi-job search strategy and in my experience, it yields more reliable results. Job boards can be a useful tool in your arsenal to help launch your job search in the right direction.

 Set Job Alerts

Most job boards allow you to create alerts for specific job titles. You’ll receive an email whenever a new job match is added to the platform. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend searching these sites.

Conduct Company Research

Job boards can be a treasure trove of valuable information to help with researching, planning, and strategizing your job search. You just need to know what kind of information you’re looking for and where to look.

Some job boards provide opportunities for you to read through employee reviews to learn more about the organizational culture to determine a “good fit” BEFORE you apply. Dig a little deeper on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, and you can even find information about company hiring processes that may even include useful information about common interview questions.

 Professional Research

You can utilize the platform search feature to reveal industry-specific and lesser-known niche job titles that match the type of opportunities you are sourcing. Sometimes companies use different job titles for positions that involve similar functions and scope of responsibility. Identifying different titles can expand your opportunities.

Also, if you find the perfect job and need guidance in tailoring your resume and cover letter, you can research similar job openings at different companies to compare and identify common skills, qualifications, and requirements necessary to perform the job. Job board posts are also an excellent resource to assist with integrating critical keywords into your career communications.

Job boards can also help with identifying hiring companies you might not know much about so that you can follow their company page and connect with company leaders on LinkedIn or network with them directly.

Keep in mind that around 75% of jobs are filled through network connections (also known as the “hidden job market”), so I cannot stress the importance of building and maintaining an active network enough. In today’s job market, who you know is as important as ever.

Image credit: Scott Graham

Now be honest… is the resume and cover letter you’ve been submitting for jobs getting you noticed? What about your LinkedIn? Are you receiving invitations to interview? If not, we should talk! Contact me by phone: 1-866-562-0850 or email: for a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION 15-minute consultation. 

Kimberly Ben is a multi-credentialed Professional Resume and LinkedIn Writer and Job Search Coach. She has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career communications for multiple career industries and professions. Kimberly’s extensive education, training, and experience have resulted in a clear understanding of current hiring best practices and the most effective job search techniques, branding strategies, and insight on what it takes to gain the competitive edge and impress employers in a challenging job market.

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