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Job Search Coaching & LinkedIn Coaching

Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Or maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve been at it for a while but aren’t getting results…

I am here to help.

As a Career Development Coaching Specialist trained through The Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), I offer 10+ years of marketing, branding, and extensive career guidance and coaching experience to address each stage of the job search process.

Job Search and Hidden Job Market Coaching

Did you know that 65% of jobs are filled before they are ever listed to the public (or are never publicly listed!)? I can help you target your job search more strategically with a customized plan that includes clear action steps.

Whether you’re a new grad gearing up for your first “professional” job search; a seasoned professional looking to advance to the next level; a senior/executive in need of cohesive career communications that effectively highlight your achievements and successes in leadership and other professional contributions; or are an industry expert aspiring to break out from the structured, corporate workforce to go solo as an independent consultant or contract professional. We offer:

  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Skills analysis vs. values analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Accomplishments building
  • Networking campaign development
  • Hidden job search strategies

LinkedIn Coaching

Once you’ve created your LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to establish a strategic career marketing campaign that adjusts with your evolving needs to continue achieving goals beyond a one-time job search. LinkedIn Coaching services include:

  • Targeted networking strategy action plan based on individual goals
  • LinkedIn networking best practices overview
  • LinkedIn settings tour and optimization guidance
  • Job searching techniques and tools

How It Works

Select the coaching services that fits your needs below. We’ll start by scheduling a 30-minute assessment “getting to know you” call to discuss your background, experience, job search goals, and any challenges you’re facing. Everyone is different so this is an essential step to determine if we’re a “good fit” to work together and establish how to proceed in developing an individualized plan based on your specific goals.

Coaching Services

Entry-level career services are for job seekers with less than 3 years of cumulative work experience.

Job Search Coaching
  • $175/hour
  • Pre-pay for 4 sessions $675 (a $25 savings)
  • Contact us to schedule a 30 minute introductory call to create your individualized plan
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