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Avoid the Fake Executive Recruiter Scam

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about resume writing scams and how to avoid them. The number of “resume writing mills” (resume companies that crank out generic, template resumes with no regard for quality) has increased significantly…

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Why aren’t They Calling?

I was recently working with a client seeking career opportunities in the Innovation space within a specific industry. She explained that she had been searching out opportunities for several months and had yet to secure an interview. Throughout her career…

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How to Stay Confident When You’re Unemployed

  Maintaining confidence is critical when job hunting. Ironically, a job loss can pretty much destroy said confidence in the blink of an eye; and being unable to find employment over long stretches of months and years doesn’t help the situation.…

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Job Search Tip: Define Your Goals

Job hunting, especially if you really need a job right away, is  stressful. One mistake that's easy to make is to rush in (especially if you are desperate) and end up in a disappointing situation. To  avoid that, it's a good idea…

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