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The Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Resumes

For the past few months, I’ve been closely following conversations around ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools that have become increasingly prevalent, assisting with various tasks, including resume writing. Job seekers may be wondering if relying on AI tools to craft a resume is the right choice.

Based on my research, ChatGPT can actually be a valuable resource, but it’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of using ChatGPT to write your resume, cover letter, and other career communications so that you make the best decision for your job search. I took the liberty of putting together a list of pros and cons:

Pros of Using ChatGPT

Time-saving and convenient: With ChatGPT you can generate a resume pretty quickly, which can save time during a job search. Its automated process allows you to input information and receive a formatted resume almost instantly, eliminating the need for manual formatting and layout adjustments. *IMPORTANT: Getting the most comprehensive content results requires you to be as specific and detail-oriented as possible when writing your prompts to “train” the AI to generate more optimized responses, and this can take time to learn.

Cost-effective: Hiring a professional resume writer can be expensive, especially for higher-level leadership positions. Utilizing ChatGPT can be a cost-effective alternative versus hiring a human resume writer.

Availability and accessibility: AI tools like ChatGPT are assessable to job seekers 24/7 versus the limited availability of a professional resume writer with set office hours. You can work on your resume at any time that suits your schedule.

Cons of Using ChatGPT

Lack of Human Touch and Tailored Approach: While ChatGPT can generate a resume based on provided information, it lacks the human touch and personalized approach that a professional resume writer can offer. Human writers have the expertise to highlight your unique skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that resonates with potential employers, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Limited Contextual Understanding: ChatGPT relies on algorithms and pre-trained data to generate content. It may not fully understand the specific nuances and context of your industry or senior leadership roles. A human resume writer can leverage their industry knowledge and experience to tailor your resume to the specific requirements and expectations of a targeted job position.

Potential for Generic Templates and Phrases: Relying solely on ChatGPT produces resumes that resemble generic templates made up of commonly used phrases. These resumes don’t stand out from others. To make a strong impact on recruiters, hiring managers, and other decision-makers, your resume and other supporting documents must showcase your unique value in a way that is relevant to the job you are targeting. A professional resume writer can create a unique and compelling document that effectively showcases your individuality, accomplishments, and leadership capabilities. This can be accomplished by conveying:

  • Specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise: Do you have specialized industry knowledge that has positioned you as a Subject Matter Expert or a specialist?
  • Career experience and achievements: Does your resume clearly state measurable achievements for each job? This is one of the best ways of communicating an instant message of success!
  • Special projects: Did you lead or collaborate on a special project that would demonstrate your experience in a specific context?
  • Honors and awards: Distinguishing honors and awards can instantly WOW recruiters and hiring managers. They tell the reader that you are an expert in your field, recognized by industry peers, and are valued for your accomplishments and contributions.

Potential for erroneous information and plagiarism: Right beneath ChatGPT’s context box you’ll find this disclaimer:

“Free Research Preview. ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.”

When using AI tools like ChatGPT to write a resume, there is a potential risk of erroneous information being generated. While AI models have been trained on vast amounts of data, they may not always accurately interpret or contextualize the information provided. As a result, the generated content may contain inaccuracies or misconceptions that could misrepresent your skills, experiences, or qualifications. It is crucial to thoroughly review and fact-check the generated content to ensure its accuracy before finalizing your resume.

The potential for plagiarism is another concern. AI models are trained on a wide range of existing texts, including resumes and other written materials. As a result, there is a possibility that the generated content could closely resemble existing resumes, leading to unintentional plagiarism. To avoid this issue, it is essential to carefully review the generated content and ensure that it reflects your unique experiences, achievements, and personal style. Additionally, using plagiarism detection software can provide an extra layer of assurance and help identify any unintentional instances of copied content.


While ChatGPT offers time-saving benefits and cost-effectiveness, it falls short in delivering the personalized touch and tailored approach that job seekers need to stand out in a competitive market. To maximize your chances of landing your dream role, consider the value of hiring a professional resume writer who understands the intricacies of position requirements and can craft a customized resume that highlights your unique strengths and achievements.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use ChatGPT or hire a human resume writer depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. If you value a tailored and impactful resume that captures your executive leadership abilities, working with a professional writer is highly recommended. However, if you are comfortable with a more standardized approach and prioritize speed and cost-effectiveness, ChatGPT and other AI tools can serve as a helpful starting point.

Remember, your resume is a crucial tool in presenting your professional brand, and investing in expert assistance can make a significant difference in your job search success. While AI tools can be valuable resources, it is important to exercise caution and take responsibility for the final output.

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Kimberly Ben is a multi-credentialed Professional Resume and LinkedIn Writer and Job Search Coach. She has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career communications for multiple career industries and professions. Kimberly’s extensive education, training, and experience have resulted in a clear understanding of current hiring best practices and the most effective job search techniques, branding strategies, and insight on what it takes to gain the competitive edge and impress employers in a challenging job market.

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